The New Hit: Breitling Avenger Hurricane Military Replica Best Watches With Black Breitlight Cases

The new products have innovative materials for the cases. The whole image is filled with tough styles and strong elements. At the first glance, people can get the point: the powerful Breitling Avenger copy watches are launched for military use. The black Breitlight cases are 50mm in diameter, which is remarkable and impressive. The cases are satin-brushed. And they also have unidirectional rotating bezels which are engraved with 60-minute scales. The Breitlight is an exclusive high-tech material which is 3 times lighter than titanium but yet harder.

Their Cal. B12, self-winding mechanical movements with 47 jewels, can support many complicated and accurate functions like 24-hour display and chronographs. The power reserve is over 70 hours. Their hour markers and central hands are all covered with beige-colored luminescence. As for military use, the luminescent designs are very important and necessary in most situations.

The solid Breitling replica watches are made according to the rigorous standards and also set a good example to subsequent products. The black dials have a neat layout. The unique design of the dials is the 24-hour display. Their hour markers are not in a 12-hour traditional mode. This can make wearers know the day or night clearly and quickly. The dials have a yellow sub-dial set for 30-minute chronograph.

Their winding crowns and buttons all have skidproof designs. So wearers can operate functions even on gloves. Their military rubber straps are made up of black rubber and khaki-colored fiber, firm and durable. Breitling fake watches with mechanical movements have a waterproofness which is rated at 10 bars. The 50mm large size makes the timepieces look obvious and magnificent on the wrists.

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