Famous And Powerful Breitling Avenger Hurricane Fake Watches With Black Breitlight Cases

Breitling Avenger has several hot-selling models like Hurricane and Blackbird. They are more welcomed by male customers. Today, I am recommending Hurricane watches to brand fans. The first impression of the strong Breitling Avenger replica watches is black. Their Breitlight cases, Anthracite straps, distinctive dials are all black. The wrist watches have oversize cases which are made from special materials Breitlight.

The whole black timepieces look powerful and reliable.
Breitling Avenger Watches Copy With Black Straps

The 50mm case size makes the timepieces look powerful and magnificent. The brilliant Breitling knockoff watches are driven by Cal. B12, self-made and self-winding mechanical movements with 47 jewels. The power reserve is about 70 hours. Then there are white luminescent Arabic numerals of a 24-hour mode as hour markers. The black and white color matching is common and classic. The central black hour and minute hands also have white luminescence. Besides, there are three sub-dials used for other complicated functions like hour and minute chronographs.

Breitling Avenger Fake Watches With Black Dials

Breitling copy watches with Swiss mechanical movements also have a date indicator at 4 o’clock. Wearers can see the time clearly and use the functions easily. Their exclusive black straps are made up of black rubber and military textile fiber. The timepieces can give people a reliable and tough feeling.

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