David Beckham’s Valuable Collection Of Breitling Replica Watches

He is a gentleman as well as a world famous football player. He own a wonderful life with a happiness family. David now won a world fame in the social media. In year 2013, he was came to China again to make his donation for the Chinese football team. He has bring them for three different personal collections of Breitling watches.    Since the year 2012 he was appointed as the Global spokesperson, he has been on the world journey to show his great care of the dream, love of his career, the constant passion towards life and the unique taste about fashion.Three versions are donated to the football team which can be identified of the best works of Breitling watches. The first types are the steel case Breitling Chronomat 44 GMT copy watches. This is a style of watch which contains lots of delicate designs as well as the most excellent handicraft. The dial is in black color to match up with three small sub-dials.the whole time piece is made of stainless steel.The second versions are the small calendar Breitling Pilot fake watches. This is a style of watch which apply a Breitling caliber 04 movement which certified by COSC. The dial has been designed with the world map. The straps is also the main feature of the Breitling watch.The third style are the rose gold case Bretiling Transocean Chronograph Unitime fake watches. This a type of watch which inspired form the vintage Breitling watch, which also apply wit the Breitling 05 caliber movement and the world timer function.These three different luxury copy watches are very good models for men to wear in many situations. You can also have a intimate contact with the David Beckham.

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