Attention petrolheads: Cheap Fake Breitling’s new Top Time series is perfect for classic car lovers

Georges Kern, best fake Breitling’s high-octane chief executive, has talked at length in recent times about the rapid ‘casualisation’ of luxury. A sister quality to ‘inclusive luxury’, whereby the velvet rope is hidden from view (for now), casual luxury is defined by softer colours and materials and an ethos that encourages us all to just chill out a bit. Working from home has accelerated the trend – draw-string flannel trousers, formerly recognised as pyjamas, are now perfectly acceptable attire for the well-heeled. Only last week I went to a posh watch brand dinner and the CEO was proudly wearing a pair.

In watchmaking, best quality replica Breitling under Kern has been one of the trend’s standard-bearers – informally, of course – allying its story and its copy watches to luminaries of the laid-back worlds of surfing and triathlon, as well as leather jacket-wearing lounge lizards such as Brad Pitt. Earlier this year, it kicked back and introduced us to the limited-edition fake Breitling Top Time Deus Ex Machina, an earthy piece created with the motorcycle brand and sooner paired with oily overalls than even a sports coat.
Hot on the heels of that model this morning comes news of luxury replica Breitling’s Top Time Classic Cars Squad, a capsule collection of three perfect fake watches that bring the gritty, flame-licked – and distinctly casual – world of 1960s sports cars to the wrist.

The trio pick up on the stories and some of the most memorable colourways of Chevrolet’s gloriously slinky Corvette C2 ‘Sting Ray’ (black and red), Ford’s original ‘pony car’, the compact, affordable Mustang (green and brown), and Carroll Shelby’s astonishing little Cobra (blue and brown), the ankle-biting Anglo-American race car with the big-block engine. Icons of the post-war American Dream all, each lending some lusty, naturally aspirated V8 grunt to cheap copy Breitling’s steely mid-range chronograph.
Given that’s its position in Swiss made replica Breitling’s line-up (pieces in the Premier and Chronomat families are positioned well north of this collection’s £4,360 price tag), the Breitling Top Time fake for men is the perfect backdrop to tell the story of America’s most accessible mid-century sports cars. It helps too, that the original was introduced in the same period, intended as a sturdy but stylish accessory for young, increasingly mobile men. Such was its louche profile that it was deemed worthy of Sean Connery’s Bond, who carried one – albeit after it had been tinkered with by Q branch – through Thunderball only a year after its 1964 debut.

Besides its classic sports watch silhouette, many of the top fake Breitling Top Time’s mid-1960s details remain. There’s a tachymeter scale running around the edge of each of the new models’ dials (a largely superfluous device now, once used to calculate speed) and the vintage chronograph pushers make more than a passing contribution to the nostalgic feel. Each super clone watch features the corresponding car logo somewhere on the dial, and engraved into its case back.

Beyond distinctions created by their liveries, the threesome are actually two different high quality replica watches. The Corvette and Mustang models are both 42mm across and powered by the same 1/8 of a second automatic chronograph, while the Shelby Cobra is a smudge narrower at 40mm and fuelled by a 1/4 of a second automatic chronograph that’s displayed over a bi-compax, or twin-counter, dial layout. All three Swiss movement replica Breitling come on breezy perforated leather racing straps and are water-resistant to 100 metres.

Like a throaty, free-spirited 1960s sports car, casualisation’s rapid acceleration into the world of luxury mechanical copy watches continues.

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